Eureka Springs Downtown Historic District

Spring and Main Streets
Eureka Springs, AR

Submitted by: Frank Miller

Pedestrian-friendly, well-preserved streets like this have become a rarity in most small towns.

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Why It Works

Developed on a tourism economy in Victorian times, downtown Eureka Springs provides a unique interaction with place that is hard to find in the Midwest/Midsouth. With winding streets, architectural details, and pockets of public space among shops and restaurants, the downtown district begs to be explored on foot rather than by car.

What Makes Eureka Springs Downtown Historic District a Great Place?

The district is very pedestrian friendly (if you don't mind walking up hills), a transit system is available, and there is also accessibility by automobile.

With winding streets and historic architecture, Eureka Springs is a little bit of a European village in the middle of America. Everything from flower beds to flags to iron fence railings preserves a sense of history and a sense of place. Traffic is heavy and there is plenty of on-street parking, but the density of development limits its impact.

As a tourism center, the district attracts a variety of people, most of whom aren't native to the community. Restaurants, outdoor cafes, shops and galleries line the streets. A public park near the Main and Spring intersection is perfect for public events, and it isn't uncommon to find a street musician offering an impromptu concert.

This is one of the few places where I have gone with friends and ended up sitting down "just to be" in that place. You will find a diversity of people (relatively speaking for northern Arkansas of course).

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