Poncitlan Square

38315 9th Street East
Palmdale, CA

Submitted by: Leon Swain

A civic center square surrounded by government buildings including City Hall, Courthouse and Fire Department

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Why It Works

Poncitlan Square is a beautiful two-acre, civic center park named in honor of the Palmdale's Sister City in Mexico. There are pedestrian pathways and lighting; beautiful landscaping improvements including a hand-carved cantera stone fountain surrounded by a rose garden ring and an outer ring with native, desert-tolerant landscaping. A prominent feature of the square is a 100-foot flagpole with a monument dedicated to all military veterans. The square also includes a public pavilion with an adjacent decorative concrete outdoor patio area for gatherings. The square is used for summer festivals and community public meetings and events.

What Makes Poncitlan Square a Great Place?

The square is surrounded by civic and community buildings including City Hall, the Courthouse, Fire Station, Chamber of Commerce, Library, Cultural Center and some businesses and is surrounded by parking spaces and includes sidewalks and walking paths for easy access to all of its features.

This space provides a very scenic outdoor area for visitors to enjoy before, during and after their visit the various civic buildings that surround the square.

All types of people use the space during festivals and community activities. Children enjoy events tailored to children and always enjoy the fountain with lions on all four sides. Parents enjoy music festivals and farmers markets. Community activists utilize the space for political candidate announcements and events such as the all-religion inclusive event for the remembrance of the 9-11-01 victims. Dogs have enjoyed the square for dog show events and regular exercise.

During the daytime, people meet regularly while they are conducting business at City Hall, the Courthouse or enjoying the Library. During summer events, people utilize the space for enjoying evenings with food, music, friends, family and work associates.

History & Background

Poncitlan Square is named after the sister city (in Mexico) of the City of Palmdale, California. Interestingly, Poncitlan, Mexico has a civic center square in their city named after Palmdale. In addition to the 100-foot flag pole inspiring patriotism in all Americans, the symbolism of the sister city relationship with Mexico also underscores the importance of understanding our neighbors and other cultures through frequent interaction.

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Leon Swain

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