Chattanooga/ Hamilton County Tennessee River Walk

4301 Amnicola Highway
Chattanooga, TN

Submitted by: Caren Ruffner

Park for public access to the river for walking, blading and biking.

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Why It Works

Currently expanding to reach from the Chickamauga Dam to Ross's Landing downtown, the Riverwalk has approximately eight miles of wide pavement for walking/biking/blading along the Tennessee River for recreation. Boat ramps and pavillions are also part of this park system. This greenway system is also being developed to follow the major tributaries along the Tennessee River for enjoyment throughout the city.

What Makes Chattanooga/ Hamilton County Tennessee River Walk a Great Place?

It connects to major roads and there is plenty of parking at the various access points along the eight mile river walk. It is not linked to any residential area - although there is access downtown by bus. Paved sidewalks are very wide to allow passing on bikes and blades.

Very good first impression - very clean. Hamilton County maintains the park and the riverwalk. It is regularly policed, closed at night and partolled all the time. The riverwalk has an image of safety. Vehicles do not dominate. It seems to be equal between walkers and other modes of transportation (bikes and blades).

Seems to be more enjoyed by the adults (young and old) and by children accompanied by adults (I guess the limited access without an auto keeps children from visiting alone).

Many of my friends have had BBQs at the park. I once participated in an environmental education day for grade school children there. I think it is more utililized by natives in the area, but it certainly is attractive enough to bring out of town guests for a picnic and a hike.

Contact Info:

Hamilton County Engineer Office - Jan Pass

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