McKinley Park

30th & H
Sacramento, CA

Submitted by: Mark Dempsey

This place seems to have all the ingredients for a successful neighborhood park - including community involvement.

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Why It Works

A pre-1950's park with a library and public meeting building, tennis, swimming, basketball, soccer and ball fields, and a play structure. It is so beloved that the neighborhood built the play structure (a unique work of art) with donated materials and labor. It has no parking lot, and is surrounded by a pedestrian-friendly neighborhood.

What Makes McKinley Park a Great Place?

A network of narrow streets, 10' - 14' street lights for night walkers, mixed-use buildings (commerce, offices, and residences). A mix of building types: mansions are neighbors with four- and eight-plex apartment buildings

Plenty of eyes on the park make it feel safe. Plenty of seating and picnic space

All ages

I show this place off, and meet people there for concerts.

Contact Info:

City of Sacramento Parks

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