Lakeshore Boulevard
Toronto, Canada

Submitted by: Chaitanya Kalevar

This place is an easygoing, entertainment-oriented social space for Torontonians and visitors to mingle.

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Why It Works

It has stages for live shows, movie projections and dances and songs. It has food stalls, cool breeze in the summer, and a docks to park your motorboats etc. It is protected from the furies of Lake Ontario by a chain of islands. The programming reflects the multicultures of the most multicultural city in the world, Toronto. Mostly free!

What Makes Harbourfront a Great Place?

Acessible by streetcar connected to the best subway system that money can buy. You can walk,jog bike skateboard,or park a car, if you are obese or lazy.

No vehicles are allowed on the site itself though parking is nearby. In summer, on weekends you may have to sqeeze yourself in. Any garbage is fresh from today's uncivilised. Yesterday's garbage is never in sight. It is safe for all on land, yes do not fall over the dock!

All ages are welcome. Activities are too varied to mention! One could doo pottery, glass blowing and vist an art gallery. Music, dances and laughter is not uncommon! If you are sad, come over today!

Yes they do show off, meet, mingle with everyone except martians! People come in groups, in singles or couples. But once there, they are all somehow feel connected!

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