Long Beach Approach

Bolstadt and Boulevard
Long Beach, WA

Submitted by: Skyler Walker

Pedestrian street with wildflower and mixed-flower borders running from City Hall to Long Beach and its beautiful boardwalk.

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Why It Works

Between the sidewalk and the street, a border of wildflowers, perennials and shrubs stretches toward the Long Beach boardwalk (see the clamcam at http://www.funbeach.com for a view of the Boardwalk).It adds colour and beauty to the popular walk to the beach and is a link to the promenade along the boardwalk.

What Makes Long Beach Approach a Great Place?

Residents and tourists walk by this garden on the way to the beach. It is accessible by bus and on foot from the towns of Long Beach and Seaview.

There is regular maintenance (I know, because I do the weeding!). There are seats built into raised planters at regular intervals along the garden, and seating is provided on the boardwalk, which also has interpretive signs about birds and wildlife of the dunes.

Not only to people walk past this garden in droves, but it is also the location of vendors for the annual Washington State International Kite Festival. The boardwalk provides wheelchair accessibility for viewing the ocean and kites.

People do promenade with their friends and in social groups here, and picnic at adjacent tables. Locals take visitors to see the garden and the boardwalk.

Contact Info:

http://www.funbeach.com, Long Beach City Hall (360.642.4421)

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