Boulder County Farmers Market

Boulder Creek at 13th Street
Boulder, CO

Submitted by: Harriet Festing

A deliciously groovy farmers' market in the heart of downtown Boulder, sandwiched between mountains, which draws around 60 vendors and 15,000-18,000 customers weekly.

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Why It Works

Boulder is a university town, described by one person I met as a "fantasy land: funky, affluent, very academic kind of utopia in the mountains." The market reflects the town - it works because the market has arisen from and been moulded by it. It's relaxed, uncontrolled, yet gentle.

What Makes Boulder County Farmers Market a Great Place?

The market is right in the downtown - everyone can see it and hear it. Passers by are drawn in by the smell of freshly baked bread and hot soup.

The market is very diverse, that's the great fun of it. There are herbal medicines, fresh flowers, baked food, hot snacks, beverages, charitable stalls, music and festivities. The local radio station broadcasts its gardening programme live at the farmers' market so that shoppers can call in on the spot with their gardening enquiries.

It's people-friendly!

History & Background

The market was established in the late '80s by farmers looking for a sales outlet for their produce. This was after several failed attempts by other individuals. When they started they had just 12 vendors and everyone contributed to the running of the market. Now the market covers the cost of market management. Saturday market draws the largest crowds; the Wednesday market is about one-third of the size. Comfort: There's something inately comfortable about the market. It's the sort of place you visit for an hour and end up staying for four.

Contact Info: / 303.910.2236

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