Library Square & City Library

200 E, 400 S
Salt Lake City, UT

Submitted by: Darrah Rogers

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Why It Works

One whole square block in downtown SLC, with beautiful open green-space, a world class 5-story public library with a rooftop garden and incredible architectural flair (Moshe Safdie was the lead architect...) Library Square also has a community radio station, The Leonardo (an arts & sciences educational organization) a comic book store, a Community Writing Center, a espresso coffee house, an auditorium, an open plaza for festivals and concerts, a plant/floral gift shop, a cafe, a technology center, a library gift store and a artists' collective, not to mention lots of free programming, children's activities and other events coordinated for all ages in our community on a day to day basis!

What Makes Library Square & City Library a Great Place?

Hundreds of people from all walks of life come into this building every day...people come to learn, hang out with their friends, eat, drink, buy gifts, have conversations, be entertained, use the internet, read, pick out materials and mainly enjoy nearly every day of the year...lots of people walking and biking in and around the space. The Tax has a stop outside called Library Square...very accessible and you can walk on the wall (stairs) on the outside of the building and see 360 degrees view of SLC and the Wasatch and Oquirrh mountains!

It makes an incredible impression! People have visited from all over the world.

In use every day! All types of activities from reading, sharing, storytelling, discussions, brainstorming, dining in the cafe & coffee house...mainly Salt Lakers are coming here to learn and enjoy each others company.

Place where democracy happens in SLC. Lots of diversity. Artistic exploration and social interaction are number one avocations. (also intellectual freedom to do so...)

History & Background

I work inside the building and am grateful every day!

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