Lodhi Gardens

Lodhi Road and Khan Market
New Delhi, India

Submitted by: zeera now

This public park is a place of fun but also of tranquility.

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Why It Works

It is a few square kilometers and contains a variety of features including leftovers from a fort, a moat etc, a variety of trees and landscapes. Great for picnics, walking trails, yoga, dogs, etc. There is room for everyone. The water features attract lots of birds, frogs etc. It is a place of fun but also of tranquility.

What Makes Lodhi Gardens a Great Place?

Excellent. Many points of entrance to the park. Each with their distinctness, and all convenient.

There are both men and women, old and young, rich and poor, lots of places to sit and relax, clean grass. Mostly, excellent maintenance and safe, no vehicles and not much security but enough.

All ages, genders, interests, groups, individuals, lovers… all parts of the park are used. Some private, some public, each space has a meaning and a special quiet invitation to join.

The mood of the place is very happy. People are nice to one another, there is an element of local pride and it is the meeting place. I would say it is more local than tourists but there are tourists as it is so beautiful but it is in the heart of a neighbourhood. People walk easily a mile to come and enjoy the park

History & Background

I was there every morning to before sunrise and often went in the evenings, we did bird watching, picnics, ball games, you name it. It was our park

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