Open-air market of Caruaru (Feira de Caruaru)

18th May Park
Caruaru, Brazil

Submitted by: Gustavo Magalh„es

A street market with thousands of stalls is a wonderful place to visit and purchase hand-made crafts.

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Why It Works

This market is a great place for visiting and finding the most beautiful hand work, and shopping for the cheapest clothes in northeast. Beyond finding out a space with 150 hectares fruits, cakes, shoes and a huge variety of popular culture.

The open-air market of Caruaru (Feira de Caruaru) is located in the city of Caruaru, Pernambuco state, Brazil. It started from three local elements: a farm, a chapel and a road, which guided the cattle, connected the east to the west, more than 200 years ago. From this way, there was the need to change products by the local people or the cowboys, then started the open-air market of Caruaru (Feira de Caruaru) that is known national and internationally.

This fair is an agglomeration of many open-air markets, among them are the Fruit Market, the Hand work market, with many objects made in city, especially from Alto do Moura, the biggest center of figurative-art in Latin America, recognized by UNESCO, and Sulanca open-air market, a good place for shopping cheap clothes, with more than 22,000 stalls every Tuesday.

The open-air market of Caruaru (Feira de Caruaru) is detached by the original greatness, whatever the physical space in which it is since 1992 next to downtown, with more than 150 hectares, whatever the huge quantity of products sold on the tents. For having this cultural and economical diversity it attracts more than 1 million people a year who are fascinated by what they find, especially by the products: from fruits to hand clay sculptures made by disciples of an art introduced by Master Vitalino, passing by clothes, regional foods and house-hold medicines, picturing a peculiar characteristic in many cities from northeast which is the existence of open-air markets.

When you walk through the narrow streets designed by the proximity of the stalls, the visitor constantly faces different and indescribable sensations, like finding some hand worker making his own product, using only his creativity and few instruments, or to stop when listening to the sound of some guitar player (violeiro) declaiming his popular poetry with dairy scenes worthy from Shakespeare, beyond finding, of course, delicious foods made right on time like tapioca or typical fruits from this Brazilian region, like umbu with its sweet and bitter taste and jaboticaba, with its sugared taste.

Therefore, thatís why the Brazilian Ministry of Culture is doing the process of immaterial governmental trust of the open-air market of Caruaru (Feira de Caruaru), in order to preserve what is the most beautiful in this market, the sold products and the wonderful and inestimable popular culture which cannot get lost.

What Makes Open-air market of Caruaru (Feira de Caruaru) a Great Place?

The market is located downtown and is accessible to many people.

The first impression couldn't be better. The visitor can walk though the market safely because cars have their own space and parking.

This space is used every day in a week by all kids of markets and is visited by 1 milion people a year.

This space is used in groups of vendors and buyers. In there we can find popular guitar players proclaiming their poetries.

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