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Picture of Devon Street
Devon Street
Chicago, IL, USA
A classic neighborhood street, where every corner is a gathering place.
Picture of Venice Beach
Venice Beach
Venice , CA, USA
Once a renaissance resort and amusement park, Venice Beach is famous today for its street artists, vendors, musicians, body builders, palm readers, and roller skaters.
Picture of Elmwood Avenue District
Elmwood Avenue District
Buffalo, NY, USA
An exciting urban district that is fun and laid back.
Picture of St. Mark's Place
St. Mark's Place
New York, NY, USA
A residential and commercial street that plays host to a wild pastiche of characters, day and night.
Picture of The Loop
The Loop
University City, MO, USA
A six block arts and entertainment district in Downtown University City.
Picture of East Carson Street
East Carson Street
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
It is Pittsburgh's version of the East Village in NYC. An awesome main street with tons to do and see.
Picture of Camden Town
Camden Town
London, England
A mix of markets, coffee shops, pubs, bars, nightclubs, restaurants, shopping, entertainment and so much more.
Picture of Rue Montorgueil
Rue Montorgueil
Paris, France
A multi-dimensional pedestrian street.
Picture of Rue de Buci
Rue de Buci
Paris, France
A commercial street that brings out the exhibitionist in everyone.
Picture of Rue St-Louis-en-l’île
Rue St-Louis-en-l’île
Paris, France
A small street continuously flowing with tiny attractions.
Picture of Pearl District
Pearl District
Portland, OR, USA
New Urban Neighborhood incorporating many New Urbanist ideas.
Picture of 7th Avenue
7th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY, USA
A bustling, intimate small town main street, yet it is located in Brooklyn, a mere 15 minutes from Manhattan.
Picture of Acland Street
Acland Street
Melbourne, Australia
A bustling retail street with an intimate scale.
Picture of Euclid Street
Euclid Street
St. Louis, MO, USA
This is a rebuilt neighborhood similar to Beacon Hill in Boston, but different in a nicer way.
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NW 23rd and 21st Avenues
Portland, OR, USA
A high-density retail street that has - or is accessible to - virtually everything you could want.
Picture of Phantom Galleries
Phantom Galleries
San Jose, CA, USA
Former empty retail fronts now filled with artists' installations.
Picture of Rue des Rosiers
Rue des Rosiers
Paris, France
A vibrant market street in the heart of Paris Jewish Quarter.
Picture of Frankfurter Strasse/High Street
Frankfurter Strasse/High Street
Hennef, Germany
Careful design has restored the high street function of this road, originally a dual carriageway (and ancient Roman road).
Picture of Kyojima
Tokyo, Japan
Traditional neighborhood with a lively community and a walkable environment
Picture of Rue Mouffetard
Rue Mouffetard
Paris, France
This ancient narrow street works in the same way it has for centuries: as a place where people live, shop, eat and meet.
Picture of Clematis Street
Clematis Street
West Palm Beach, Fl, USA
The redevelopment of this street has transformed four formerly blighted city blocks.
Picture of Bleecker Street
Bleecker Street
New York, NY, USA
Small-scale residential street that cuts through the heart of Greenwich Village, with many owner-operated specialty stores, restaurants, and nightclubs.