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Picture of Buffalo Waterfront
Buffalo Waterfront
Buffalo, NY, USA
Cut off from the rest of the city, a large section of the Buffalo waterfront is isolated by industry and the threat of another section of elevated highway.

Picture of Quadracci Pavilion and Cudahy Gardens, Milwaukee Art Museum
Quadracci Pavilion and Cudahy Gardens, Milwaukee Art Museum
Milwaukee, WI, USA
A marvelous feat of architecture, engineering and art that nonetheless fails miserably as a public space.
Picture of Cultural Centre Piazza
Cultural Centre Piazza
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
One of the only pedestrian public spaces along the harborfront is a huge disappointment.
Picture of Museum of Modern Art exterior
Museum of Modern Art exterior
New York City, NY, USA
Despite a recent renovation of MoMA's interior spaces, the entrance and facade remain monotonous and impenetrable.
Picture of Federal Plaza / Foley Square
Federal Plaza / Foley Square
New York City, NY, USA
An awesomely bad complex so disjointed it boggles the mind.
Picture of Time Warner Center and Columbus Circle
Time Warner Center and Columbus Circle
New York City, Ny, USA
Columbus Circle is a transitory place that people pass through, while it could be a true destination.
Picture of Wall Street
Wall Street
New York City, NY, USA
Security measures have overwhelmed the public spaces of New York's financial district.
Picture of Astor Place
Astor Place
New York City, NY, USA
Nowhere else in New York offers more opportunity to create something out of nothing than Astor Place.
Picture of Brooklyn Bridge Park
Brooklyn Bridge Park
Brooklyn, NY, USA
The downtown Brooklyn waterfront could become a world-class public space serving as one of the cities great public spaces. Instead it is on track to become a suburban-style park catering mainly to upscale residents of adjacent Brooklyn Heights and ceding control to new residents of the precendent setting, private, residential development inside the public park. The current plan simply does not match up to other world class waterfronts, nor does it display a sound grasp of the principles of good waterfronts.
Picture of Grand Army Plaza
Grand Army Plaza
Brooklyn, NY, USA
A plaza that links commercial Flatbush Avenue with Prospect Park, and which joins Park Slope and Prospect Heights neighborhoods.
Picture of UN Plaza
UN Plaza
San Francisco, CA, USA
The major entranceway to San Francisco’s vast but terribly underperforming civic center.
Picture of Exchange Square
Exchange Square
Manchester, UK
Fancy paving, sweeping design statements and hidden water leave the user with no place to go and nothing to do in this inflexible square.
Picture of Schouwburgplein
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
A perfect example of how a design statement does not make a great square.
Picture of Dupont Circle (Hall of Shame)
Dupont Circle (Hall of Shame)
Washington, DC, USA
Many think Dupont Circle is the best destination in Washington, but it is performing at just 30% of its potential.
Picture of Parque de la Memoria
Parque de la Memoria
Buenos Aires, Argentina
This plaza is a windswept photo-op and a barren wasteland.
Picture of Teardrop Park
Teardrop Park
New York, NY, USA
A $17 Million public park that serves primarily as a private courtyard arboretum to the surrounding high-rise development.
Picture of Lombard Square
Lombard Square
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
This intersection of the most famous streets in Winnipeg is completed blockaded by concrete barriers that force pedestrians into a dark underground concourse.
Picture of Toronto Waterfront
Toronto Waterfront
Toronto, ON, Canada
Development led by private investment threatens to turn Toronto's great waterfront into a tourist spectacle worthy of the Hall of Shame.
Picture of Guggenheim Museum Bilbao
Guggenheim Museum Bilbao
Bilbao, Spain
One of the world’s most famous buildings, this museum is in many ways an attractive and impressive piece of architecture. Unfortunately, as a public space it is extremely unsuccessful -- even dangerous.
Picture of Roads along the Seine
Roads along the Seine
Paris, France
Expressways that severely diminish riverfront access in Paris.
Picture of Place de l'Opéra
Place de l'Opéra
Paris, France
A traffic-dominated circle that renders one of Paris's cultural and architectural landmarks much less accessible than it should be.
Picture of Pershing Square
Pershing Square
Los Angeles, CA, USA
This open plaza that sits on top of an underground parking garage is rarely used.
Picture of Empire State Plaza
Empire State Plaza
Albany, NY, USA
This plaza is so out of scale it could *almost* make Boston's City Hall & Plaza look good.
Picture of Public Square
Public Square
Cleveland, OH, USA
The roads that carve up this downtown square make it nearly impossible to reach by foot, squandering its prime location.
Picture of National Mall
National Mall
Washington, DC, USA
A civic space of immense significance, the National Mall lacks the strong management necessary to coordinate events, partner with neighboring institutions, and add amenities that draw people in.
Picture of Forum des Halles
Forum des Halles
Paris, France
An underground shopping mall in the heart of Paris, topped by a failed park.
Picture of Place de la Madeleine
Place de la Madeleine
Paris, France
A traffic-congested plaza surrounding an outsized 19th-century monument.
Picture of Place de la Concorde
Place de la Concorde
Paris, France
A public plaza that has degenerated into a giant traffic funnel.
Picture of Parc André Citröen
Parc André Citröen
Paris, France
A 35-acre park that is barely more hospitable than the car factory it replaced.
Picture of L'Arc de Triomphe
L'Arc de Triomphe
Paris, France
A monumental arch set in the midst of an enormous traffic circle.
Picture of Love Park
Love Park
Philadelphia, PA, USA
Love Park was once a national destination for skateboarders, before the city started confiscating skate boards and shooing away anyone who is not sitting quietly on a bench.
Picture of Old Street
Old Street
London, United Kingdom
Traffic was the only consideration when this road was improved, limiting its potential to become a great street.
Picture of British Museum Entranceway
British Museum Entranceway
London, United Kingdom
This feels like the entranceway to a building that doesn't want visitors.
Picture of GLA Building (City Hall) and Plaza
GLA Building (City Hall) and Plaza
London, United Kingdom
A dreary, dull building not worthy of being the City Hall of a great city.
Picture of Shell Center
Shell Center
London, United Kingdom
Corporate headquarters that chooses not to participate in city life.
Picture of The South Bank Centre: National Theatre, Royal Festival Hall, and Queen Elizabeth Hall
The South Bank Centre: National Theatre, Royal Festival Hall, and Queen Elizabeth Hall
London, United Kingdom
An uninviting complex of arts and performance spaces along the South Bank of the Thames.
Picture of ABN AMRO Headquarters
ABN AMRO Headquarters
London, United Kingdom
The brutal design of this building is indifferent to the interesting neighborhood that is next to it.
Picture of Canary Wharf
Canary Wharf
London, United Kingdom
Four stark outdoor public spaces and a maze of underground shops that are hidden from view.
Picture of Tate Modern
Tate Modern
London, United Kingdom
One of the most aggravating public spaces in London, it controls and limits the visitor.
[no picture]
Main Street
Middletown, CT, USA
A typical American Main Street, once bustling with pedestrian activity, it is now desolate and depressing.
Picture of Diagonal Mar
Diagonal Mar
Barcelona, Spain
Lauded as "urban regeneration", this development makes many of the same mistakes of urban renewal.
Picture of Placa Paisos Catalans
Placa Paisos Catalans
Barcelona, Spain
An empty, useless disaster of a space.
Picture of Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona
Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona
Barcelona, Spain
This art museum is a terrifically successful skateboard park that draws skaters from all over Catalonia.
Picture of Hotel Arts Barcelona
Hotel Arts Barcelona
Barcelona, Spain
With isolated amenities, this hotel seems designed for people who are afraid of setting foot in a real city.
Picture of Cathedral of our Lady of the Angels
Cathedral of our Lady of the Angels
Los Angeles, CA, USA
One wonders if it's possible to make it across the expanse of this cathedral's positively desert-like plaza without a bottle of water.
Picture of Plaza at the Bradley Center
Plaza at the Bradley Center
Milwaukee, WI, USA
The City of Milwaukee classifies this in the category of institution, educational, public and quasi-public space. It appears that its intended use is downtown public space.
Picture of Parc de la Villette
Parc de la Villette
Paris, France
One of Paris's modern parks, built in 1987 on the site of a disused industrial site -- at 86 acres this is the largest green space in Paris.
Picture of French National Library
French National Library
Paris, France
This library is at best a carefully constructed void, and at worst a notoriously expensive project that "designs out" not only people, but books.
Picture of PPG Plaza
PPG Plaza
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
"PPG Plaza is nothing more than a sidewalk on steroids."
Picture of Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts
Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts
Philadelphia, PA, USA
Is this 2001 building a downtown gem - or "the first great architectural mistake of the 21st century"?
Picture of Columbus Park Pavilion
Columbus Park Pavilion
New York, NY, USA
This park pavilion in the midst of a dense neighborhood could provide sorely needed public space, but it's locked up, accessible only to pigeons.
Picture of Fairfax County Government Center
Fairfax County Government Center
Fairfax, VA, USA
This building is HQ for Fairfax County, the most populous and wealthy locality in both the state of Virginia and metropolitan Washington D.C.
Picture of Keiner Plaza
Keiner Plaza
St. Louis , MO, USA
Empty, uninviting, under-utilized... this plaza has all the hallmarks of a failed space.
Picture of Quarry Market Shopping Center
Quarry Market Shopping Center
San Antonio, TX, USA
A giant retail complex whose elements are so spread out that shoppers might as well drive between them.
Picture of Adam Clayton Powell Jr. State Office Building
Adam Clayton Powell Jr. State Office Building
New York City, NY, USA
This "killer building" from the urban renewal era is a highrise attack on the surrounding historic lowrise neighborhood.
Picture of Boeddeker Park
Boeddeker Park
San Francisco, CA, USA
2.6-acre park in a low-income neighborhood with a reliance on defensive design and a primary focus on use by children and families - factors that unintentionally turned the place into a battlefield
Picture of City Hall Plaza
City Hall Plaza
Boston, MA, USA
This notorious product of late-'60s "urban renewal" is over 30 years old - can a renovation solve its deep-rooted problems?
Picture of Grace Plaza
Grace Plaza
New York, NY, USA
Built in 1974 by Gordon Bunschaft, the plaza is formed from the base of the 50-story WR Grace building in Midtown Manhattan.
Picture of HUD Plaza
HUD Plaza
Washington, DC, USA
The old plaza exhibited the worst of Modernism's frosty attitude toward accommodating humans - its late-'90s redesign is no better.
Picture of McArthurGlen Designer Outlet
McArthurGlen Designer Outlet
Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom
World-renowned architect Richard Rogers creates the largest continuous tented structure in the world - for a megamall.
Picture of San Antonio Central Library
San Antonio Central Library
San Antonio, TX, USA
Built by an award-winning architect, this place exemplifies the type of object-focused architecture that is unconnected to anything around it.
Picture of Skyline Park
Skyline Park
Denver, CO, USA
Skyline runs for three blocks through the heart of downtown Denver, but it is a place without a heart.