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Charleston City Market
Charleston, SC, USA
140 year old market running the entire length of Market Street where the finds are as pleasing as the prices.
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Business Administration Building Plaza
Milwaukee, Wi, USA
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Buford Highway
Atlanta , GA, USA
Busy City/County Street URLS:
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42nd Street/Times Square Subway Station
New York, NY, USA
A 1000 foot-long underground tunnel links two subway stations in Times Square.
Picture of Hachiko Square
Hachiko Square
Tokyo, Japan
There presense of a sculpture of the dog Hachiko brings a feeling of calm to this hectic intersection.
Picture of Luisenplatz
Darmstadt, Germany
This square is the living centre of the city.
Picture of Lodhi Gardens
Lodhi Gardens
New Delhi, India
This public park is a place of fun but also of tranquility.
Picture of Seoul Forest Park
Seoul Forest Park
Seoul, Korea
Ttukseom, one of a few large unused sites in Seoul, became home to Seoul Forest Park, which put an end to a controversy over numerous development plans.
Picture of Blount Cultural Park
Blount Cultural Park
Montgomery, AL, USA
Some of our nations best cultural destinations can be found in this park set among lakes, trails and gardens.
Picture of Museum of Contemporary Art
Museum of Contemporary Art
Barcelona, Spain
The musuem's plaza pulsates with energy.
Picture of Durbar Square
Durbar Square
Kathmandu, Nepal
This holy place is a lively and diverse square in the heart of Kathmandu's old city.
Picture of Lake Ida Neighborhood, Delray Beach
Lake Ida Neighborhood, Delray Beach
Delray Beach , Fl, USA
An ideal neighborhood to live in.
Picture of Delray Beach
Delray Beach
Delray Beach , FL, USA
The best beach in Palm Beach County.
Picture of Roma Street Parklands
Roma Street Parklands
Brisbane, QLD, Australia
A large urban park with amazing horticultural displays with lots of activities.
Picture of Broadway Market, London Fields
Broadway Market, London Fields
London, UK
A busy, fun-loving street with a farmers' style Saturday market.
Picture of Festhalle Kristkindl Markt
Festhalle Kristkindl Markt
Hermann, MO, USA
Historic Festhalle in the heart of old town area, settled by German Immigrants in the 1840s.
Picture of Centennial Park
Centennial Park
Sarnia, ON, Canada
An active and passive community waterfront park with outdoor performance area (Dow People Place).
Picture of Canatara Park
Canatara Park
Sarnia, ON, Canada
This is over 200 acres of active and passive community park, with beach/shore line along Lake Huron.
Picture of Parque de Serralves
Parque de Serralves
Porto, Portugal
A Cultural Foundation with a museum, park and gardens.
Picture of Al-darb-al Ahmar
Al-darb-al Ahmar
Cairo, Egypt
A large open space used by the community for gathering, and sometimes for selling items.
Picture of Ferry Plaza Farmers Market
Ferry Plaza Farmers Market
San Francisco, CA, USA
An amazing diversity and quality of California grown and produced fruits, vegetables, nuts, meats, cheeses, breads, and artisan food products.
Picture of Phoenix Park
Phoenix Park
Eau Claire, WI, USA
A park, large open space, with river access and a farmers market at the confluence of two rivers.
Picture of Piata Unirii
Piata Unirii
Timisoara, Romania
A very elegant public square.
Picture of Public Art Installations, Vancouver City Parks
Public Art Installations, Vancouver City Parks
Vancouver, BC, Canada
In multiple locations throughout Vancouver Parks Department land there are sculptures, installed for 1 1/2 years.
Picture of Turin Historical Center
Turin Historical Center
Turin (Torino), Italy
A set of three "Italian" piazzas, and a lot more.
Picture of Berkeley Hills
Berkeley Hills
Berkeley, CA, USA
A residential neighborhood with notable architecture, secret pedestrian shortcuts and public parks.
Picture of Parque do Aterro do Flamengo
Parque do Aterro do Flamengo
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
It is an urban public park of 2 kilometers of lawns, flowering shrubs and trees.
Picture of Augusta Commons
Augusta Commons
Augusta, GA, USA
A town square that was the idea of Gen James Oglethorpe himself, but it did not get built until 2001.
Picture of Ashuelot River Park
Ashuelot River Park
Keene , NH, USA
A city park located along the Ashuelot River.
Picture of Sir Stuart Hogg Market-New Market
Sir Stuart Hogg Market-New Market
Kolkata, India
A gigantic public market with true Indian charm.
Picture of Columbia University Steps
Columbia University Steps
New York, NY, USA
The steps to Columbia's Low Library create a lively urban square.
Picture of Ljubljanica Embankment and Prešeren Square
Ljubljanica Embankment and Prešeren Square
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Streets along the river, bridges, and a central city square.
Picture of Parque Micaela Bastidas
Parque Micaela Bastidas
Buenos Aires, Argentina
This new park is the entrance to the Costenera Sur, a destination point for people from all over the city.
Picture of Plaza San Martin
Plaza San Martin
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Plaza San Martin is a jewel.
Picture of Parque de la Memoria
Parque de la Memoria
Buenos Aires, Argentina
This plaza is a windswept photo-op and a barren wasteland.
Picture of Griftpark
Utrecht, The Netherlands
A former industrial site that has become a special park.
Picture of Bungalow Heaven
Bungalow Heaven
Pasadena, CA, USA
Pasadena, California's first landmark historic district.
Picture of Open-air market of Caruaru (Feira de Caruaru)
Open-air market of Caruaru (Feira de Caruaru)
Caruaru, Brazil
A street market with thousands of stalls is a wonderful place to visit and purchase hand-made crafts.
Picture of Itchimbía Cultural Center
Itchimbía Cultural Center
Quito, Ecuador
Given the ample visibility that this park has of the city, it is considered a natural viewpoint. There is also an excellent Cultural Center on the top of the hill.
Picture of Belle Isle
Belle Isle
Richmond, VA, USA
This urban river park has a unique management style, and is unique within the American landscape.
Picture of Downtown Tunnel System
Downtown Tunnel System
Houston, TX, USA
System of underground shopping tunnels
Picture of Commons at Calabasas
Commons at Calabasas
Calabasas, CA, USA
A mixed-use, retail/commercial area, that is a real "people place."
Picture of Ilsan Lake Park
Ilsan Lake Park
Goyang-si, Republic of Korea
An urban park that has over 2 million visitors a year.
Picture of Kreilsheimer Promenade
Kreilsheimer Promenade
Seattle, WA, USA
This Promenade is an ASLA award winner of 2005.
Picture of Wilcox Park
Wilcox Park
Westerly, RI, USA
An 18 acre Victorian era walking park in the heart of Westerly's revitalized historic downtown, designed by Olmsted protege Warren H. Manning.
Picture of Little Italy
Little Italy
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Little Italy is a bustling district on Corydon Avenue, a vibrant tree-lined street with many shops, restaurants and people enjoying themselves.
Picture of Pritchard Park
Pritchard Park
Asheville, NC, USA
The rock faces and trees that are used to landscape this small Downtown park really bring out the mountains that surround Asheville.
Picture of Plaza Mayor
Plaza Mayor
Trinidad, Cuba
A public square where cobblestone streets and pastel coloured houses give impression that time has not moved.
Picture of Centerway Square
Centerway Square
Corning, NY, USA
A unique urban plaza in a historic downtown district, with a restored clock tower as the focal point.
Picture of Susan B. Campbell Park
Susan B. Campbell Park
Annapolis, MD, USA
A popular meeting place for tourists and locals.
Picture of Englischer Garten
Englischer Garten
Munich, Germany
This public park is Munich's most popular greenspace and is modeled after English gardens.
Picture of Cape May Point Circle
Cape May Point Circle
Cape May Point, NJ, USA
A community garden and multiuse space.
Picture of Sainte-Catherine Street
Sainte-Catherine Street
Montreal, QC, Canada
A long urban retail street.
Picture of Southlake Town Square
Southlake Town Square
Southlake, TX, USA
This mixed-use town center is the center of community life.
Picture of Toronto Underground
Toronto Underground
Toronto, ON, Canada
Over six miles of car-free, mostly urban underground pathway with year-round climate control - what Toronto resident and urbanologist Jane Jacobs would likely admit is the ultimate form of attrition of the automobile on urban space.
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Hetch-Hetchy Greenway
Sunnyvale, CA, USA
A series of bike paths, walkways and play areas linking three city parks.
Picture of Millennium Park
Millennium Park
Chicago, IL, USA
Millennium Park is Chicago's newest showcase.
Picture of Il Giardino dell’ Orticultura
Il Giardino dell’ Orticultura
Florence, Italy
This park is a beautiful place to pause from the bustling streets of Florence; a place to enjoy a stroll, play ball, jog, or just sit in the sun.
Picture of Downtown Lake Worth
Downtown Lake Worth
Lake Worth, FL, USA
This is the historic downtown section of a quaint seaside town.
Picture of San Francisco Church
San Francisco Church
Quito, Ecuador
An important religious and cultural site in Quito.
Picture of Washingtonian Waterfront
Washingtonian Waterfront
Gaithersburg, MD, USA
The waterfront is one of the most enjoyable places in the DC region, outside of the Beltway.
Picture of The Fan District
The Fan District
Richmond, VA, USA
A residential district/neighborhood that remains largely unchanged from the pre-automobile era.
Picture of Cleveland Metropolitan Park
Cleveland Metropolitan Park
Cleveland, OH, USA
It is a huge multi-purpose park with all amenities imaginable!
Picture of 30th Street Station
30th Street Station
Philadelphia, PA, USA
A beautiful and efficient train station that minimizes stress and maximizes access, ease, and services.
Picture of Fenway
Boston, MA, USA
A little bit of Europe with an American twist.
Picture of Pacific Beach, California
Pacific Beach, California
San Diego, CA , USA
A Californian neighborhood where it is actually possible to live without a car.
Picture of Milton Skate Park
Milton Skate Park
Milton, WA , USA
A public skate park located along a main thoroughfare that puts the skaters front-and-center.
Picture of The Loop
The Loop
University City, MO, USA
A six block arts and entertainment district in Downtown University City.
Picture of Market Square - Winnipeg
Market Square - Winnipeg
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
A market that stretches over a couple of city blocks in an old downtown neighborhood.
Picture of Place Jean-Paul Riopelle
Place Jean-Paul Riopelle
Montreal, QC, Canada
This small park hosts a kinetic sculpture that is a fountain with fire jets and fog machines.
Picture of Capilla del Hombre (Chapel of the Man)
Capilla del Hombre (Chapel of the Man)
Quito, Ecuador
A museum built in the heights of Quito.
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Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT)
Statewide, GA, USA
Destruction of unique tree-lined highways throughout Georgia.
Picture of Assiniboine Park
Assiniboine Park
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
This friendly park is home to the Winnipeg Zoo.
Picture of Wescoe Beach
Wescoe Beach
Lawrence, KS, USA
The plaza in front of the University of Kansas Humanities building, Wescoe Hall.
Picture of Guapulo Church
Guapulo Church
Quito, Ecuador
It is a church in a very old neighbourhood in a beautiful valley.
Picture of Metropolitan Cultural Centre of Quito
Metropolitan Cultural Centre of Quito
Quito, Ecuador
It is a historical building is a showcase for cultural events in Quito.
Picture of Compania Church
Compania Church
Quito, Ecuador
This church, which has one of the most ornate facades in Ecuador, is also one of Quito's biggest destinations.
Picture of Bull Creek District Park
Bull Creek District Park
Austin, TX, USA
A leash free dog park and greenbelt trail that is dubbed "The Galapagos of Texas."
Picture of San Diego Museum and Convent
San Diego Museum and Convent
Quito, Ecuador
A Colonial Art Museum that was once a convent.
Picture of Basilica del Voto Nacional
Basilica del Voto Nacional
Quito, Ecuador
A beautiful Neo-Gothic sanctuary.
Picture of Gardens on El Paseo
Gardens on El Paseo
Palm Desert, CA, USA
A retail center with great gardens and innovative environmental features.
Picture of Woolston Millennium Garden
Woolston Millennium Garden
Southampton, UK
A town square with public art works from the epic to the miniature.
Picture of Shelburne Farms
Shelburne Farms
Shelburne, VT, USA
A nonprofit environmental education center and national historic landmark.
Picture of Como Park
Como Park
Saint Paul, MN, USA
This multi-use regional park features unique activities and attractions.
Picture of Sunset Park, Auburn
Sunset Park, Auburn
Auburn, Wa, USA
A multi-functional community park with a skate park, picnic areas, and a spectacular view of Mt. Rainier.
Picture of Delaware Park
Delaware Park
Buffalo, NY, USA
An historic Olmsted Park created in 1868, with rose gardens, an art museum and a lake all within the park itself.
Picture of John Hancock Building Plaza
John Hancock Building Plaza
Chicago, IL, USA
This is an extremely popular urban plaza.
Picture of Riverbanks Zoo and Botanical Garden
Riverbanks Zoo and Botanical Garden
Columbia, SC, USA
The zoo and botanical garden is a jewel in the middle of the city.
Picture of Ouray Hot Springs Pool and Park
Ouray Hot Springs Pool and Park
Ouray, CO, USA
Hot springs pool, recreation center, and town park.
Picture of Patterson Park
Patterson Park
Baltimore, MD, USA
A public park surrounded by historic row houses.
Picture of Main Street Market
Main Street Market
Baton Rouge, LA, USA
New public market in downtown Baton Rouge. Built to house the wildly popular farmers market held each Saturday.
Picture of Latrobe Park
Latrobe Park
New Orleans, LA, USA
A small park with ample seating and lush planting.
Picture of Artillery Park
Artillery Park
New Orleans, LA, USA
A combination urban scenic overlook, river overlook and informal amphitheatre for street performances.
Picture of Jamison Square
Jamison Square
Portland, OR, USA
A civic square with an amazing interactive fountain.
Picture of Astoria Sunday Market
Astoria Sunday Market
Astoria, OR, USA
A farmers and crafts market in the heart of historic downtown Astoria.
Picture of Riverside Park
Riverside Park
Milwaukee, WI, USA
A neighborhood park with an educational emphasis.
Picture of The Sound Garden
The Sound Garden
Cadillac, MI, USA
A unique, musical sculpture made of logs and metal graces our already bustling lakefront walkway.
Picture of Johnson Park
Johnson Park
Buffalo, NY, USA
This public space was the first park in Buffalo, NY.
Picture of Gas Works Park
Gas Works Park
Seattle, WA, USA
An urban park overlooking Lake Union in Seattle.
Picture of Union Square, San Francisco
Union Square, San Francisco
San Francisco, CA, USA
An urban plaza, formerly an urban garden.
Picture of Esther Short Park
Esther Short Park
Vancouver, WA, USA
A City park with a community square.
Picture of Warwick Valley Farmers Market
Warwick Valley Farmers Market
Warwick, NY, USA
Regional Farmers Market
Picture of Lancaster Central Market
Lancaster Central Market
Lancaster, PA, USA
Publicly-owned farmer's market
Picture of Seattle Center
Seattle Center
Seattle, WA, USA
Seattle Center is an urban park and cultural campus.
Picture of Love Park
Love Park
Philadelphia, PA, USA
Love Park was once a national destination for skateboarders, before the city started confiscating skate boards and shooing away anyone who is not sitting quietly on a bench.
Picture of Samuel P. Taylor State Park
Samuel P. Taylor State Park
San Anselmo, CA, USA
A park with camping and hiking along a river.
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Woodberry Woods
Baltimore, MD, USA
An urban forest surrounded by diverse built environment (homes) suffering from creeping urban sprawl.
Picture of Newport News Park
Newport News Park
Newport News, VA, 23603
From camping to cycling, aeromodel flying to archery, disc golf to Discovery Center, this 8,065 acre park has something for everyone.
Picture of Wooster  Square Park
Wooster Square Park
New Haven, CT, USA
A beautifully landscaped, medium-sized, square shaped community park.
Picture of Nichols Arboretum
Nichols Arboretum
Ann Arbor, MI, USA
123 acres of dramatic glaciated topography - steep ravines, rolling hills, and outwash plain - along the Huron River.
Picture of Lafayette Park
Lafayette Park
St. Louis, MO, USA
Established in 1836, this was the first park west of the Mississippi River.
Picture of Marion Square
Marion Square
Charleston, SC, USA
An urban park that connects many neighborhoods and hosts major events.
Picture of Monument Park at Parklawn Public Housing Development
Monument Park at Parklawn Public Housing Development
Milwaukee, WI, USA
A small historical and recreational public park.
Picture of Piedmont Park
Piedmont Park
Atlanta, GA, USA
This large and beloved city park, known as "Atlanta’s Common Ground," attracts people from more than 100 zip codes.
Picture of Vander Veer Botanical Park
Vander Veer Botanical Park
Davenport, IA, USA
A multi-use park that evolved from farmland (1865) to fairgrounds (1867) to city park(1885).
Picture of Conway Park
Conway Park
Somerville, MA, USA
An urban park with multiple uses for all ages and ethnicities.
Picture of McEnery Park
McEnery Park
San Jose, CA, USA
A small, safe, downtown urban park that has many layers of activity and identity.
Picture of North Shore Riverfront Park
North Shore Riverfront Park
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
A large public waterfront green space and trail connection stretching approximately one mile along the Allegheny and Ohio Rivers.
Picture of Bidwell Park
Bidwell Park
Chico, Ca, USA
A natural oak woodland urban park gifted to the City of Chico for its residents.
Picture of Roberts Point Park
Roberts Point Park
Port Aransas, TX, USA
A community park located on a peninsula that juts into the Corpus Christi Ship Channel.
Picture of Cleveland Cultural Gardens
Cleveland Cultural Gardens
Cleveland, OH, USA
A collection of gardens representing landscape architecture from a variety of cultures.
Picture of Harris Creek Park
Harris Creek Park
Baltimore, MD, USA
This is a small urban waterfront park featuring native planting and a spectacular view.
Picture of Jaycee Park / Westside Multi-Generational Center
Jaycee Park / Westside Multi-Generational Center
Tempe, AZ, USA
A recently renovated, eight-acre neighborhood park.
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James River Heritage Trail - Blackwater Creek Bikeway and RiverWalk
Lynchburg, VA, USA
A shimmering green emerald hidden amid the languid confines of the Hill City.
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Huguenot Children's Library & Park
New Rochelle, NY, USA
A wonderful, warm and whimsical library and a great park.
Picture of Louisville Waterfront Park
Louisville Waterfront Park
Louisville, KY, USA
55 acres of formerly abused land transformed into a nationally recognized, award-winning public park on the banks of the Ohio River in downtown Louisville.
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Piedmont Road
Atlanta, GA, USA
This street is "like a stab wound through the heart of the city."
Picture of Huntsman Hall
Huntsman Hall
Philadelphia, PA, USA
An academic building and a "horrible waste of money."
Picture of Soulard
St. Louis, MO, USA
The oldest neighborhood in St. Louis is a thriving bar, restaurant, shopping and tourist district.
Picture of Coolidge Park
Coolidge Park
Chattanooga, TN, USA
A city park on the banks of the Tennessee River that was once a brownfield.
Picture of Fundidora Park
Fundidora Park
Monterrey, N.L. , N.L., México
An urban park located on the site of a former steel factory.
Picture of King Farm Park
King Farm Park
Rockville , MD, USA
King Farm Park is a 12-acre park featuring tennis courts, basketball courts, playgrounds and picnic areas.
Picture of Mount Washington
Mount Washington
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Historic working-class neighborhood located on Mount Washington, across the river from downtown Pittsburgh.
Picture of Charles Deering Estate at Cutler
Charles Deering Estate at Cutler
Miami, FL, USA
The Charles Deering Estate is an environmental, archaeological, historical and architectural preserve on 450 acres of property located along the edge of Biscayne Bay in Miami-Dade County.
Picture of Wilmington State Parks
Wilmington State Parks
Wilmington, De, USA
State park system built along the Brandywine River.
Picture of Morrow Mountain State Park
Morrow Mountain State Park
Albemarle, NC, USA
A beautiful state park in the Uwharrie Mountains.
Picture of Governor's Park
Governor's Park
Versailles, KY, USA
A downtown Main Street pocket park with a newly restored mural.
Picture of Glasgow Botanic Gardens
Glasgow Botanic Gardens
Glasgow, Scotland
Botanic Gardens and open park space that offer visitors "endless combinations of brightly coloured flowers and plants."
Picture of South Hills
South Hills
Lebanon, PA, USA
A community park/recreation area that is the hub of the county.
Picture of Courthouse Square Park
Courthouse Square Park
Rockville, MD, USA
A passive park in the heart of downtown Montgomery County.
Picture of Glencairn Garden
Glencairn Garden
Rock Hill, SC, USA
An English-style neighborhood garden used for a range of activities, from reading to weddings.
Picture of Russell Square
Russell Square
London, United Kingdom
An urban garden square characterized by majestic trees, meandering pathways, and a playful fountain.
Picture of Jardin Atlantique
Jardin Atlantique
Paris, France
A neighborhood park/roofgarden.
Picture of Pretty Water Lake
Pretty Water Lake
Sapulpa, OK, USA
Although just five minutes from downtown Sapulpa, Pretty Water Lake maintains its natural, scenic appearance.
Picture of West Park
West Park
Carmel, IN, USA
A former cornfield that has been transformed into a spectacular public park.
[no picture]
NW 23rd and 21st Avenues
Portland, OR, USA
A high-density retail street that has - or is accessible to - virtually everything you could want.
Picture of Share-It Square
Share-It Square
Portland, OR, USA
The residents of Sellwood created a community gathering place in an intersection, complete with a food-sharing stand, and a 24-hour tea station.
Picture of Sunnyside Piazza
Sunnyside Piazza
Portland, OR, USA
A street intersection that was turned into a community gathering place by residents.
Picture of Tompkins Square Park
Tompkins Square Park
New York, NY, USA
Before the advent of community gardens, this park was the only open space on the Lower East Side.
Picture of Point State Park
Point State Park
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Scenic state park at the tip of Pittsburgh's golden triangle.
Picture of Uncle Wilber Fountain
Uncle Wilber Fountain
Colorado Springs, CO, USA
This water-spurting, tuba-playing fountain has contributed greatly to the revitalization of downtown Colorado Springs.
Picture of Parc de Bercy
Parc de Bercy
Paris, France
A park of multiple designs and uses, near apartments, commercial activity, bridges, gardens, and the Seine.
Picture of Ferry and Symphony Circles
Ferry and Symphony Circles
Buffalo, NY, USA
Two Olmsted-designed roundabouts that beautify the surrounding neighborhoods.
Picture of Marché Jean-Talon
Marché Jean-Talon
Montréal, Canada
A multicultural public market.
Picture of Van Vorst Park
Van Vorst Park
Jersey City, NJ, USA
A beautiful brownstone neighborhood surrounds this picturesque, community park.
Picture of Edgewater Beach
Edgewater Beach
Cleveland, OH, USA
Lakeshore beach, woods and grass fields.
Picture of Olympia Farmers Market
Olympia Farmers Market
Olympia, WA, USA
A gathering place for local, small-scale farmers, merchants and artists.
Picture of Summit Avenue
Summit Avenue
Saint Paul, MN, USA
This five-mile long Avenue is the longest remaining stretch of residential Victorian architecture in the U.S.
Picture of Linear Park
Linear Park
Davie, FL, USA
Walking, biking, jogging, horseback riding, fishing piers, and picnicking in this park along a canal bank.
Picture of John McLaren Park
John McLaren Park
San Francisco, CA, USA
317 acres of wild open space within San Francisco's city limits provide habitat for a variety of natural and endangered species - including happy urbanites.
Picture of Turner Lake Park
Turner Lake Park
Covington, GA, USA
This 158-acre park has an abundance of largely undisturbed wildlife habitat.
Picture of Grant Park
Grant Park
Chicago, IL, USA
This lakefront city park serves as Chicago's "front yard."
Picture of Wiggums Hollow Park
Wiggums Hollow Park
Everett, WA, USA
A neighborhood park.
Picture of Mill Mountain
Mill Mountain
Roanoke, VA, USA
Mill Mountain is a park that overlooks the City of Roanoke.
Picture of Ratcliffe Condominiums on The Green
Ratcliffe Condominiums on The Green
Charlotte, NC, USA
The Green/Ratcliffe is a mostly residential building with ground floor retail and a wonderful park/plaza.
Picture of Centre Pompidou
Centre Pompidou
Paris, France
"I should passionately like Paris to have a cultural center which would at once be museum and center of creation" George Pompidou, 1969
Picture of Weequahic Park
Weequahic Park
Newark, NJ, USA
Weequahic park is the second largest developed park in Essex County with 311.33 acres & an 80-acre lake.
Picture of Sterling Heights City Center
Sterling Heights City Center
Sterling Heights, MI, USA
A civic improvement project to create a downtown where there was none before. It includes a city hall, a library, a cultural center, boulevard-style streeet enhancements and a sculpture garden.
[no picture]
Washington Street
Detroit, MI, USA
A key street, one-half of which was pedestrianized, with disastrous results.
Picture of Arlington Farmers Market
Arlington Farmers Market
Arlington, VA, USA
The tents and a colorful bounty of produce make this market the only charming thing good left in a high-rise, asphalt-ridden neighborhood.
Picture of Old Deaf School Park, Topiary Garden
Old Deaf School Park, Topiary Garden
Columbus, OH, USA
This unique "landscape of a painting of a landscape," accented by trees and stunning floral beds provides a lush, green setting amid skyscrapers and asphalt.
Picture of Indian School Park
Indian School Park
Scottsdale, AZ, USA
a multi-sports complex and public park facility.
Picture of Eureka Springs Downtown Historic District
Eureka Springs Downtown Historic District
Eureka Springs, AR, USA
Pedestrian-friendly, well-preserved streets like this have become a rarity in most small towns.
Picture of Greenwood Lakes Park
Greenwood Lakes Park
Lake Mary, FL, USA
A great "commons" area linked to the adjacent high school, middle school and public library.
Picture of Florida Avenue Market/D.C. Farmers Market
Florida Avenue Market/D.C. Farmers Market
Washington, DC, USA
A warehouse-style central wholesale market catering mostly to restaurants and the like, but with small treasures for the urban explorer.
[no picture]
North End neighborhood streets
Boise, ID, USA
This much-loved neighborhood close to downtown Boise is not what's shameful - but rather the local government, lack of common sense, and the corruption of fair processes.
Picture of Fairfax County Government Center
Fairfax County Government Center
Fairfax, VA, USA
This building is HQ for Fairfax County, the most populous and wealthy locality in both the state of Virginia and metropolitan Washington D.C.
Picture of Priest Point Park
Priest Point Park
Olympia, WA, USA
A century-old, forested waterfront that attracts wildlife, kids, grannies, newlyweds, runners, hikers, bikers, birders and teenage smoochers.
Picture of Kildonan Park
Kildonan Park
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
This park is popular with people of all ages, since it offers plenty to do.
Picture of Commons Park
Commons Park
Denver, CO, USA
A park located on a redeveloped site, on the banks of the Platte River.
Picture of Harbourfront
Toronto, ON, Canada
This place is an easygoing, entertainment-oriented social space for Torontonians and visitors to mingle.
Picture of Poncitlan Square
Poncitlan Square
Palmdale, CA, USA
A civic center square surrounded by government buildings including City Hall, Courthouse and Fire Department
Picture of CASA Community Garden
CASA Community Garden
Huntsville, AL, USA
This place is a significant source of food for elderly and homebound citizens in Huntsville.
Picture of Greenfield Energy Park
Greenfield Energy Park
Greenfield, MA, USA
An educational community greenspace
Picture of McKinley Park
McKinley Park
Sacramento, CA, USA
This place seems to have all the ingredients for a successful neighborhood park - including community involvement.