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Picture of Bourbon Street
Bourbon Street
New Orleans, LA, USA
The main street of New Orleans French Quarter operates is perhaps the most sociable and pedestrian oriented street in the country.
Picture of Brighton Beach Boardwalk
Brighton Beach Boardwalk
Brooklyn, NY, USA
Brighton Beach feels like a different world from the carnival atmosphere of its famous neighbor, Coney Island.
Picture of Paris Plage
Paris Plage
Paris, France
Cars are stricken from the expressway along the Seine for one month every summer, as it turns into a pedestrian paradise.
Picture of Plaza Santa Ana
Plaza Santa Ana
Madrid, Spain
A neighborhood square, a civic square and a night time destination.
Picture of Avenida de Mayo
Avenida de Mayo
Buenos Aires, Argentina
The central avenue of Buenos Aires.
Picture of Istiklal Caddesi
Istiklal Caddesi
Istanbul, Turkey
Pedestrian street
Picture of West Main Street, Sackets Harbor
West Main Street, Sackets Harbor
Sackets Harbor, NY, USA
A warm and welcoming village main street where small shops, great eateries, and good entertainment make smiles the order of the day for one and all.
Picture of Nyhavn
Copenhagen, Denmark
An intimate and beautiful canal makes visitors feel like they are a part of Scandinavian culture.
Picture of Devon Street
Devon Street
Chicago, IL, USA
A classic neighborhood street, where every corner is a gathering place.
Picture of Kungsportsavenyn
Göteborg, Sweden
A street that changes character about every two blocks, each transition serving a different purpose.
Picture of Venice Beach
Venice Beach
Venice , CA, USA
Once a renaissance resort and amusement park, Venice Beach is famous today for its street artists, vendors, musicians, body builders, palm readers, and roller skaters.
Picture of Alleg Street
Alleg Street
Borås, Sweden
Careful design and use of six different types of paved surfaces helps to acoomodate all users on this street.
Picture of Strøget District
Strøget District
Copenhagen, Denmark
This network of streets in Copehagen is a pedestrian paradise.
Picture of Elmwood Avenue District
Elmwood Avenue District
Buffalo, NY, USA
An exciting urban district that is fun and laid back.
Picture of Sainte-Catherine Street
Sainte-Catherine Street
Montreal, QC, Canada
A long urban retail street.
Picture of President Clinton Avenue
President Clinton Avenue
Little Rock, AR, USA
President Clinton Avenue is the heart of downtown Little Rock’s cultural, entertainment, retail and residential district, and leads to the Clinton Presidential Center and Park.
Picture of Peace Boulevard
Peace Boulevard
Hiroshima, Japan
Peace Boulevard is home to many festivals and events throughout the year.
Picture of Moscow Subway
Moscow Subway
Moscow, Russia
Built in the 1930s to showcase the glory of Soviet Communism, the stations are works of art with marble, chandeliers, and stunning art deco designs.
Picture of Pirates Alley
Pirates Alley
New Orleans, LA, USA
A pedestrian walkway between historic buildings, The Saint Louis Cathedral and the Cabildo.
Picture of Cat Street
Cat Street
Tokyo, Japan
A pedestrian street that links two of Tokyo's most vibrant and artistic neighborhoods.
Picture of St. Mark's Place
St. Mark's Place
New York, NY, USA
A residential and commercial street that plays host to a wild pastiche of characters, day and night.
Picture of Boulevard Saint Laurent
Boulevard Saint Laurent
Montreal, QC, Canada
This boulevard is home to many nationalities; it is trendy, eclectic and nostalgic.
Picture of The Loop
The Loop
University City, MO, USA
A six block arts and entertainment district in Downtown University City.
Picture of East Carson Street
East Carson Street
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
It is Pittsburgh's version of the East Village in NYC. An awesome main street with tons to do and see.
Picture of Tamansari Water Castle
Tamansari Water Castle
Yogyakarta, Indonesia
A water garden that was built in 1758 and remains a dynamic and traditional neighborhood.
Picture of Camden Town
Camden Town
London, England
A mix of markets, coffee shops, pubs, bars, nightclubs, restaurants, shopping, entertainment and so much more.
Picture of Buchanan Street
Buchanan Street
Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Scotland's principal shopping street, and the heart of Glasgow.
Picture of Arundel Street
Arundel Street
Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK
A main pedestrian-friendly street in the city centre.
Picture of Calle La Ronda
Calle La Ronda
Quito, Ecuador
This colonial street is a cultural attraction.
Picture of Psirri
Athens, Greece
This is a neighborhood within the old part of the city of Athens in Greece.
Picture of Rue Montorgueil
Rue Montorgueil
Paris, France
A multi-dimensional pedestrian street.
Picture of Rue de Buci
Rue de Buci
Paris, France
A commercial street that brings out the exhibitionist in everyone.
Picture of Viaduc des Arts
Viaduc des Arts
Paris, France
A series of craft studios located inside an adapted 19th century railroad viaduct.
Picture of Rue St-Louis-en-l’île
Rue St-Louis-en-l’île
Paris, France
A small street continuously flowing with tiny attractions.
Picture of Bridges over the Seine
Bridges over the Seine
Paris, France
The bridges over the Seine are not only visually stunning, but connect the neighborhoods of the city.
Picture of Park Avenue, Winter Park
Park Avenue, Winter Park
Winter Park, FL, USA
A bustling street lined with shops and a central park, unexpected in the Orlando area.
Picture of Lincoln Road
Lincoln Road
Miami Beach, FL, USA
A pedestrian shopping street: imagine if St. Marks Place in New York City were closed to automobile traffic.
Picture of Pearl District
Pearl District
Portland, OR, USA
New Urban Neighborhood incorporating many New Urbanist ideas.
Picture of Locust Walk
Locust Walk
Philadelphia, PA, USA
The physical and spiritual center of the University of Pennsylvania campus.
Picture of The London Underground
The London Underground
London, United Kingdom
As interesting as the most vibrant international marketplace.
Picture of Seven Dials, Neal’s Yard
Seven Dials, Neal’s Yard
London, United Kingdom
A comfortable neighborhood that shows a kinder, gentler side of London that you didn’t think existed.
Picture of Millennium and Jubliee Pedestrian Bridges
Millennium and Jubliee Pedestrian Bridges
London, United Kingdom
These two pedestrian brides, along with several other river crossings, bring the two sides of the Thames together.
Picture of 7th Avenue
7th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY, USA
A bustling, intimate small town main street, yet it is located in Brooklyn, a mere 15 minutes from Manhattan.
Picture of Acland Street
Acland Street
Melbourne, Australia
A bustling retail street with an intimate scale.
Picture of Passeig De Gracia
Passeig De Gracia
Barcelona, Spain
One of the grandest boulevards of the world.
Picture of Avinguda de Gaudi
Avinguda de Gaudi
Barcelona, Spain
This quiet, comfortable street immediately slows your pace.
Picture of City Heights Urban Village
City Heights Urban Village
San Diego, CA, USA
City Heights Urban Village is located in the mid-city section of San Diego, the seventh largest city in the nation.
Picture of Euclid Street
Euclid Street
St. Louis, MO, USA
This is a rebuilt neighborhood similar to Beacon Hill in Boston, but different in a nicer way.
Picture of Art Street
Art Street
Taichung County, Taiwan
A shopping street with an effective traffic calming system.
Picture of State Street
State Street
Madison, WI, USA
A vital main street that is the meeting place and social center of Madison.
[no picture]
NW 23rd and 21st Avenues
Portland, OR, USA
A high-density retail street that has - or is accessible to - virtually everything you could want.
Picture of Phantom Galleries
Phantom Galleries
San Jose, CA, USA
Former empty retail fronts now filled with artists' installations.
Picture of Petaling Street
Petaling Street
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
A traditional shopping street in the Chinatown section of Kuala Lumpur.
Picture of Times Square
Times Square
New York, NY, USA
People are drawn to Times Square simply to bear witness to its extravagance, with its hyper-designed oversized billboards and countless shining lights.
Picture of Westhafen Subway Station
Westhafen Subway Station
Berlin, Germany
This subway station in Berlin is part of an international public art project on human rights.
Picture of Downtown Mall / Amphitheater
Downtown Mall / Amphitheater
Charlottesville, VA, USA
One of the few downtown pedestrian malls that bucked the trend and is still thriving.
Picture of Xenia Avenue
Xenia Avenue
Yellow Springs, OH, USA
A tiny urban oasis surrounded by farmland in southwestern Ohio proves that sometimes size doesn't matter.
Picture of Country Club Plaza
Country Club Plaza
Kansas City, MO, USA
The Nation's first shopping center designed in 1922 and built by J.C. Nichols.
Picture of Rue des Rosiers
Rue des Rosiers
Paris, France
A vibrant market street in the heart of Paris Jewish Quarter.
Picture of Chapel Street and College Street
Chapel Street and College Street
New Haven, CT, USA
Two streets that split their real estate equally between Yale University and local merchants.
Picture of Charles Bridge
Charles Bridge
Prague, Czech Republic
Ancient stone bridge spanning 1700 feet across the Vlatava River which divides Prague's Old Town from the Lesser Town.
Picture of Corso Vannucci
Corso Vannucci
Perugia, Italy
This pulsating pedestrian thoroughfare is the heart of the hilltop town’s historic center.
Picture of Frankfurter Strasse/High Street
Frankfurter Strasse/High Street
Hennef, Germany
Careful design has restored the high street function of this road, originally a dual carriageway (and ancient Roman road).
Picture of Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn, NY, USA
Over a hundred years after its completion, this landmark connection between Manhattan and Brooklyn still inspires awe.
Picture of Akademgorodok, Siberia
Akademgorodok, Siberia
Novosibirsk, Russia
An academic oasis in the midst of the vast Siberian taiga.
Picture of Division Street/Downtown Northfield
Division Street/Downtown Northfield
Northfield, MN, USA
With parks, water, sidewalks, historic buildings, local businesses, art and more, this place has all the hallmarks of greatness that PPS discusses.
Picture of St. Charles Avenue Streetcar Line
St. Charles Avenue Streetcar Line
New Orleans, LA, USA
Historic avenue, greenway and transportation corridor
Picture of Kyojima
Tokyo, Japan
Traditional neighborhood with a lively community and a walkable environment
Picture of Las Vegas Boulevard/The Strip
Las Vegas Boulevard/The Strip
Las Vegas, NV, USA
This "wholly artificial place," one of the most famous streets in the world, offers fantastical trips to Paris, New York, ancient Egypt and elsewhere
Picture of Rue Mouffetard
Rue Mouffetard
Paris, France
This ancient narrow street works in the same way it has for centuries: as a place where people live, shop, eat and meet.
Picture of Clematis Street
Clematis Street
West Palm Beach, Fl, USA
The redevelopment of this street has transformed four formerly blighted city blocks.
Picture of Bridge Street
Bridge Street
Vail, CO, USA
Pedestrian mall acts as the main thoroughfare through this European-style mountain village.
Picture of Long Beach Approach
Long Beach Approach
Long Beach, WA, USA
Pedestrian street with wildflower and mixed-flower borders running from City Hall to Long Beach and its beautiful boardwalk.
Picture of Toth Arpad Setany
Toth Arpad Setany
Budapest, Hungary
Residential street at the top of one of Budapest's best-known destinations, the area known as the Castle District - but it's far from a tourist trap.
Picture of Bleecker Street
Bleecker Street
New York, NY, USA
Small-scale residential street that cuts through the heart of Greenwich Village, with many owner-operated specialty stores, restaurants, and nightclubs.
Picture of Champs-Elysees
Paris, France
Paris' grand boulevard combines tremendous amounts of traffic, public transit, and tourism, while maintaining a distinct sense of Parisian urbanity at the pedestrian level.
Picture of Coney Island
Coney Island
Brooklyn, NY, USA
Coney Island's streets, buildings, public beach and boardwalk may be a bit down at the heels, but it remains a one-of-a-kind destination.
Picture of Downtown Crossing
Downtown Crossing
Boston, MA, USA
Remodeled in 1979 and again in 1983, the bricked pedestrian streets threading between major department stores are the site of a large-scale, long-running vending cart program.
[no picture]
Lake Street
Oak Park, IL, USA
Once a well-intentioned pedestrian mall, bringing back traffic to Lake Street also restored the old-fashioned bustle that characterizes American main streets.
Picture of Las Ramblas
Las Ramblas
Barcelona, Spain
This series of pedestrian-oriented boulevards is so much a part of Barcelona that Spaniards coined a name for its users: "Ramblistas."
Picture of Main Street - Northampton, MA
Main Street - Northampton, MA
Northampton, MA, USA
A very pedestrian-friendly boulevard amidst an historic downtown.
Picture of O'Connell Street
O'Connell Street
Ennis, Ireland
Along with the two other main streets that branch off of Ennis' central O'Connell Square, O'Connell street bustles with activity at all hours.
Picture of Rua Augusta
Rua Augusta
Lisbon, Portugal
Rua Augusta is the main street of Lisbon's central shopping district. A pedestrian street, the views up and down the hills of the city, and through to the Praca Commercio, are incredible. All manner of streetlife and activity abound.
Picture of Staples Street Bus Station
Staples Street Bus Station
Corpus Christi, TX, USA
By making people-friendly improvements, this place - serving up to 5,000 users daily - went beyond the typical transit center and is helping reshape the surrounding community.
Picture of The Prado
The Prado
Havana, Cuba
A 10-block-long, marble-balustraded, terrazzo-floored, shaded promenade with built in sit-walls that cascade down the central boulevard of Old Havana.
Picture of The Royal Mile
The Royal Mile
Edinburgh, Scotland
Leading up to Edinburgh Castle, this mile-long cobblestone road is surrounded by mazes of alleys.