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Buford Highway
Atlanta , GA, USA
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Picture of Hachiko Square
Hachiko Square
Tokyo, Japan
There presense of a sculpture of the dog Hachiko brings a feeling of calm to this hectic intersection.
Picture of 30th Street Station
30th Street Station
Philadelphia, PA, USA
A beautiful and efficient train station that minimizes stress and maximizes access, ease, and services.
Picture of Soulard
St. Louis, MO, USA
The oldest neighborhood in St. Louis is a thriving bar, restaurant, shopping and tourist district.
Picture of Mount Washington
Mount Washington
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Historic working-class neighborhood located on Mount Washington, across the river from downtown Pittsburgh.
Picture of Share-It Square
Share-It Square
Portland, OR, USA
The residents of Sellwood created a community gathering place in an intersection, complete with a food-sharing stand, and a 24-hour tea station.
Picture of Sunnyside Piazza
Sunnyside Piazza
Portland, OR, USA
A street intersection that was turned into a community gathering place by residents.
Picture of Ferry and Symphony Circles
Ferry and Symphony Circles
Buffalo, NY, USA
Two Olmsted-designed roundabouts that beautify the surrounding neighborhoods.
Picture of Summit Avenue
Summit Avenue
Saint Paul, MN, USA
This five-mile long Avenue is the longest remaining stretch of residential Victorian architecture in the U.S.
Picture of Sterling Heights City Center
Sterling Heights City Center
Sterling Heights, MI, USA
A civic improvement project to create a downtown where there was none before. It includes a city hall, a library, a cultural center, boulevard-style streeet enhancements and a sculpture garden.
Picture of Eureka Springs Downtown Historic District
Eureka Springs Downtown Historic District
Eureka Springs, AR, USA
Pedestrian-friendly, well-preserved streets like this have become a rarity in most small towns.