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42nd Street/Times Square Subway Station
New York, NY, USA
A 1000 foot-long underground tunnel links two subway stations in Times Square.
Picture of Marion St. Pedestrian Mall
Marion St. Pedestrian Mall
Oak Park, IL, USA
Marion Street Mall is a 30 year old, two-block pedestrian mall in Oak Park's downtown historic district.
Picture of Parque de la Memoria
Parque de la Memoria
Buenos Aires, Argentina
This plaza is a windswept photo-op and a barren wasteland.
Picture of Downtown Tunnel System
Downtown Tunnel System
Houston, TX, USA
System of underground shopping tunnels
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Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT)
Statewide, GA, USA
Destruction of unique tree-lined highways throughout Georgia.
Picture of Union Square, San Francisco
Union Square, San Francisco
San Francisco, CA, USA
An urban plaza, formerly an urban garden.
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Piedmont Road
Atlanta, GA, USA
This street is "like a stab wound through the heart of the city."
Picture of Huntsman Hall
Huntsman Hall
Philadelphia, PA, USA
An academic building and a "horrible waste of money."
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Washington Street
Detroit, MI, USA
A key street, one-half of which was pedestrianized, with disastrous results.
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North End neighborhood streets
Boise, ID, USA
This much-loved neighborhood close to downtown Boise is not what's shameful - but rather the local government, lack of common sense, and the corruption of fair processes.
Picture of Fairfax County Government Center
Fairfax County Government Center
Fairfax, VA, USA
This building is HQ for Fairfax County, the most populous and wealthy locality in both the state of Virginia and metropolitan Washington D.C.