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Business Administration Building Plaza
Milwaukee, Wi, USA
Picture of Museum of Contemporary Art
Museum of Contemporary Art
Barcelona, Spain
The musuem's plaza pulsates with energy.
Picture of Columbia University Steps
Columbia University Steps
New York, NY, USA
The steps to Columbia's Low Library create a lively urban square.
Picture of Toronto Underground
Toronto Underground
Toronto, ON, Canada
Over six miles of car-free, mostly urban underground pathway with year-round climate control - what Toronto resident and urbanologist Jane Jacobs would likely admit is the ultimate form of attrition of the automobile on urban space.
Picture of San Francisco Church
San Francisco Church
Quito, Ecuador
An important religious and cultural site in Quito.
Picture of 30th Street Station
30th Street Station
Philadelphia, PA, USA
A beautiful and efficient train station that minimizes stress and maximizes access, ease, and services.
Picture of Capilla del Hombre (Chapel of the Man)
Capilla del Hombre (Chapel of the Man)
Quito, Ecuador
A museum built in the heights of Quito.
Picture of Wescoe Beach
Wescoe Beach
Lawrence, KS, USA
The plaza in front of the University of Kansas Humanities building, Wescoe Hall.
Picture of Guapulo Church
Guapulo Church
Quito, Ecuador
It is a church in a very old neighbourhood in a beautiful valley.
Picture of Metropolitan Cultural Centre of Quito
Metropolitan Cultural Centre of Quito
Quito, Ecuador
It is a historical building is a showcase for cultural events in Quito.
Picture of Compania Church
Compania Church
Quito, Ecuador
This church, which has one of the most ornate facades in Ecuador, is also one of Quito's biggest destinations.
Picture of San Diego Museum and Convent
San Diego Museum and Convent
Quito, Ecuador
A Colonial Art Museum that was once a convent.
Picture of Basilica del Voto Nacional
Basilica del Voto Nacional
Quito, Ecuador
A beautiful Neo-Gothic sanctuary.
Picture of Gardens on El Paseo
Gardens on El Paseo
Palm Desert, CA, USA
A retail center with great gardens and innovative environmental features.
Picture of Shelburne Farms
Shelburne Farms
Shelburne, VT, USA
A nonprofit environmental education center and national historic landmark.
Picture of John Hancock Building Plaza
John Hancock Building Plaza
Chicago, IL, USA
This is an extremely popular urban plaza.
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Huguenot Children's Library & Park
New Rochelle, NY, USA
A wonderful, warm and whimsical library and a great park.
Picture of Charles Deering Estate at Cutler
Charles Deering Estate at Cutler
Miami, FL, USA
The Charles Deering Estate is an environmental, archaeological, historical and architectural preserve on 450 acres of property located along the edge of Biscayne Bay in Miami-Dade County.
Picture of Centre Pompidou
Centre Pompidou
Paris, France
"I should passionately like Paris to have a cultural center which would at once be museum and center of creation" George Pompidou, 1969
Picture of Sterling Heights City Center
Sterling Heights City Center
Sterling Heights, MI, USA
A civic improvement project to create a downtown where there was none before. It includes a city hall, a library, a cultural center, boulevard-style streeet enhancements and a sculpture garden.