Earlier this week, a Grand Re-Opening Ceremony for Pittsburgh’s Market Square kicked off a new, exciting chapter of the city’s downtown history.  The ceremony, attended by Mayor Luke Ravenstahl and other public officials, marked the culmination of years of public process and $5 million investment in the area; guided and initiated by PPS’ 2007 community-based vision and plan for the Square. “Today our vision for this public space became a reality,” said Mayor Ravenstahl, making reference to the closure of the roads that ran through the historic space, widened sidewalks, tree plantings and outdoor seating.

The Market in Pittsburgh's Market Square draws visitors from around the region to wander its colorful stalls each Thursday

The Market in Pittsburgh Market Square is a large part of what makes it a vibrant destination. Managed by the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture, the market runs from 10AM to 2PM each Thursday through November 18 and features over 50 varieties of local produce, flower bouquets, and fresh pies.

With recent changes now complete, visitors say the Square “seems more friendly.” Pittsburgh’s downtown has enjoyed a recent renaissance: as Pittsburgh’s Mayor Ravenstahl says, “neighborhoods throughout the City are experiencing record growth, and Downtown is at the forefront.  Market Square is at the center of much of this development and investing in this asset is critical to Downtown’s continued growth.” Pittsburgh’s Market Square is yet another example of the power of park and plaza projects to spur downtown revitalization.

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Update as of May 2011

In this new article, “Market Square Regains its Historic Luster,” the Pittsburgh Tribune interviews Nick Nicholas, the third generation to run the Nicholas Coffee Co. at Pittsburgh’s Market square, who says he has seen a number of changes to Market Square over the years. “I think they finally got it right this time. They closed the traffic to the buses. It’s more people-friendly now, having one big plaza instead of four quadrants.”

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