Project Associate

Nidhi Gulati is a Project Associate at PPS working on a variety of Placemaking Projects. She is a trained Designer and Urban Researcher with a masters in Recreation, Park and Tourism Sciences adding social sciences of leisure & recreation, and sustainable community development to her skill-set. Her research projects so far have looked at the concept of ‘third place’ and the public realm, especially urban parks.

Born and raised in India, Nidhi chooses to be a non-driver as a lifestyle. As a result, she has a special interest in helping communities promote alternate modes of transportation and socialization/collective enjoyment in their transportation corridors. As a Graduate Teaching Assistant, Nidhi helped design assignments and projects that addressed place issues on a regional scale and lighter, quicker, cheaper ways to activate public spaces in and around the transportation infrastructure.

At PPS, Nidhi is working on transportation research and resource management as well as community specific Placemaking projects in a variety of places including her home country, India. Nidhi is also playing a key role in establishing linkages between PPS and placemaking efforts in India, a country that she believes is about to witness a paradigm shift.


Master of Science in Recreation, Park and Tourism Sciences, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX (2012)
Certificate in the Principles and Practice of New Urbanism: University of Miami, Miami, FL (2011)
Bachelor of Architecture, Malaviya National Institute of Technology, Jaipur, RJ, India (2008)

Full CV here.