Communications and Outreach Manager


Katrina is an urban anthropologist forever fascinated by the way people interact with the urban environment. A recent transplant from Portland, she made the leap to the ultimate urban laboratory to become a part of PPS’s communication team and assist in the analysis of public spaces. Above all, she believes that everyone is an expert in their community and can be an urban observer – if only one stops to look (and listen!).

Her experience comes from multiple ethnographic studies conducted on public plazas, neighborhoods, and a month-long participatory observation project at the Occupy Portland site. Previously, Katrina was also a part of the Urban Organization through the Ages research project at Arizona State University where she created a typology to analyze open spaces from the earliest cities to today. She also has experience in survey research and quantitative methods. Most recently, Katrina was writing about urban anthropology on her personal blog and various other websites and now manages content and the biannual training courses at PPS.


Portland State University, Masters in Urban Studies, focus in Public Space
Arizona State University, Bachelors in Anthropology, focus in Social Anthropology