Casey - FULL

Project Associate

Casey joined Project for Public Spaces in 2011 and works as a Project Associate. She supports senior staff on project work and often in the capacity of project manager across many of PPS’ program areas from projects pertaining to downtown and multi-use destinations, to transportation projects and work related to plaza, squares and parks. Reflected in her work is a commitment to placemaking as an approach to empower people to create great places. She collaborates with diverse stakeholders to facilitate public visioning workshops, develop concept and program plans as well as management and activation plans.

Recently, Casey has gained experience working on park, square and plaza projects such as Toronto’s College Park and the historic New Haven Green, CT. Currently, she is working on designing a stakeholder engagement process for Harvard University’s “Plaza Placemaking” project to develop a shared vision for this space. In particular, Casey is working with the Harvard Common Spaces team to develop a “Lighter, Quicker, Cheaper” program, conceptual design and activation plan that will transform the Plaza into the central gathering place for both the campus and Cambridge community.

Casey received her M.Sc. in Urban Planning from Columbia University and her Bachelor’s  in Commerce from McGill University where she majored in Strategic Management with a focus on sustainability and corporate social responsibility strategies for the private sector.