Clemence Original

Transportation Intern

Clémence Morlet is a planner and transportation engineer recently graduated from the Ecole des Ponts in Paris, France. Through university and professional experiences, she studied and worked on transportation projects in the Paris region. From the Grand Paris Express subway lines, a transportation project supported by the national government to the development of bus rapid transit systems on freeways around the capital city, she helped develop a strong and relevant relationship between transportation planning, urban development and quality of public spaces in Paris and surroundings.

She has joined Project for Public Spaces in January 2014 and now turns her attention towards a comparison between transportation policies in New York and Paris to show how these global cities can learn from each other and create more (and better) spaces for people. Along with her research, she works on resources and benchmarks to support on-going PPS project works.


Ecole des Ponts ParisTech (Paris, France), Advanced master in Urban Planning and Development (MS AMUR) and MSc in Planning and Transportation Engineering.

 Full CV here.