Chris - FULL

Web and Social Media Intern

Chris Townley is an Urban Planning graduate student focusing on active transportation and urban design. His prefered method of transportation is a bicycle, and he is an advocate for walking and biking. Growing up in Brick, New Jersey, a sprawling suburban area devoid of good design, he was always attracted to the historic “downtown” areas on the Jersey Shore. After originally planning to pursue a career in architecture, and several years in the construction industry, Chris decided that urban planning was the field he was looking for, and enrolled in a bachelors program at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania, in northern Appalachia. As an undergrad, Chris started a bike advocacy organization, the Indiana Bicycle Coalition, served on the Walking and Biking subcommittee for Indiana Borough, and organized Critical Mass rides.

After completing his Master’s Degree, Chris hopes to work at the intersection of transportation planning and urban design, helping to shape the built environment in a way that prioritizes people over cars, and creating places that become destinations.


Master of City and Regional Planning, Rutgers University (Expected 2015)
B.S. Regional Planning, Magna Cum Laude, Indiana University of Pennsylvania  (2013)