Aurash is an Urban Planner with a background in sustainable metropolitan planning and public policy. He is passionate about planning communities that foster healthy social and environmental interactions.

Aurash is currently working on a number of projects including the FHWA Context Sensitive Solutions Clearinghouse; PPS’ “Building Community through Transportation” and “Streets as Places” initiatives; an FTA project that is developing tools for low-income communities to get involved in the transportation planning process; and an NYSDOT transit oriented development training program for communities along the I-287 corridor.

Previous Experience

Prior to joining PPS, Aurash worked in local government in Northern Virginia,where he assisted local groups in creating livable communities by building affordable housing and alternative modes of transportation including bicycle and transit infrastructure, and advocating for policy that incentivized green building and mixed-use development.

Aurash has published the reports Urban Design & Transport Strategies to Reduce Carbon Emissions, which was presented at the Salzburg Congress of Urban Planning and Development in 2008, and the report Farmshoring in Virginia: Domestic Outsourcing Strategies for Linking Urban and Rural Economies in the Commonwealth of Virginia, which detailed the potential of converting existing economic resources into tools for the promotion of sustainable development. This report received a 2007 APA award.


M.A. in Urban and Regional Planning, Virginia Tech University, May 2008.

B.A. in Urban Studies, Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), May 2005.