At the conclusion of the Detroit meeting, we asked participants to tell us how they wanted to personally be involved in the Placemaking Leadership Council to advance the cause of Placemaking. These areas of potential involvement fall into three overlapping categories:

In our summary report, PPS did not attempt to uncover a “magic bullet” or to distill all the ways we can advance Placemaking as a broader movement. Rather, we tried to articulate the broad challenges facing Placemakers as identified in Detroit, and propose joint goals for addressing these challenges:

  • Clearly frame the value and “language” of Placemaking, and develop a collective messaging plan
  • Develop a common set of standards and indicators, and measure the good work we are already doing
  • Build the capacity of local leaders to make change and keep Placemaking inclusive
  • Revamp the process and structure of governance to facilitate Placemaking
  • Refine the structure, goals, and campaigns of the PLC